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Magnet Fishing


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So, I went to this Korean Barbecue for a late lunch. It was outstanding and I was so stuffed, I could do nothing productive afterwards and gravitated to YouTube video entertainment. There, I watched a bunch of videos on Magnet Fishing. Many were from the UK but also the US.

I did not know about this and I found it amazing and I can't even explain why exactly. I am pretty impressed by some of those big magnets. It seems like the hope is to find some stolen booty from a robbery that was hastily thrown in whatever body of water was handy. Most of them looked like some pretty nasty bodies of water.

Lots of Guns (Gee, I wonder how they got there)

Some bikes, pedal and otherwise

I swear that the found bracelet at 15:13 was made with resistors as decorations.

Any one ever do this stuff?

I am wondering how long until the History channel has a magnet fishing show. :)


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They used to have a couple of companies advertising fishing magnets in the back part of Popular Mechanics and Popular Science magazines.


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Sure hope so. My wife and I have a standing joke, that on my death bed I'll call her close and whisper to her"oak island". Like "rosebud" in Citizen Kane. I was so hooked on the show and she couldn't understand why, but have now gotten over the affliction.

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