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Wireless LED Control

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Heya All,

I am looking to build a small, battery powered, wireless strip of led lights that contains two colors, blue and white, that alternate when turned on. Let me try to clarify this :D

We run web-conferencing centers that are very complex and have all kinds of fun, innovative toys like our three video robots that rove around the room shooting live feeds. When someone on the web has a question for a presenter, the conference operator has to interupt the presenter to let them know there is a question or comment. Instead of having the operator interject, we would like to have led lights strips placed around the room turn on when the operator flips a switch, which allows the presenter to respond at their convenience.

So this is the idea. Have multiple small boxes that have 20 small LEDs inside of them. With 'B' being blue, and 'W' beng white, yhey would look like:

When on, they should alternate back and forth between the blue LEDs and the white LEDs. Any recomendations on what component(s) can help with this? What's the easiest way to make these wireless, so when the operator pushes a single button on a remote they all turn on/off. They are not drawing electricity from a wall source, so battery consumption is a concern.

Any pointers? Recomendations? I'm honestly not sure where to start with this project, but I can't imagine this being too hard. Thanks!

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