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Telit cellular module pins need to be connected to a test point why?

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Hello, Why is it written in datasheet that some pins should be connected to a test point? I'm using the Telit UE910 cellular module, In the datasheet it is written that all pins are can be disconnected except some pins which are needed to be connected to a test point. Do I have to connect those pins even if I'm not using them? Can I just leave them unconnected?

If the datasheet says explicitly that they should be connected, they should be connected. Check the typical application inside of the datasheet.
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Another question please, when I connect to a test point just because the datasheet says it shouldn't be left unconnected do I have to connect it to an empty test pad or it just need to be soldered?


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Why don't you post a copy of the datasheet here so that we can see what it says?

I had a look at the Telit website, it wanted me to login to see the datasheet. Why would I bother to do that?

The more info you provide, the better the advice you receive.

Though it may not be useful for you to have these test points connected, what is stated in the sheet is to comply with manufacturing standard to have connectivity for factory test or troubleshooting. it will not affect the operation in your case.

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