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  1. D

    Circuit Design Help (Smart Nortfication System)

    I need to design notification system for my third-year of collage Project ideas; Should be able to post new notifications on website(mobile App) Should be able to send notification as text messages to members who don't have internet access Can any one help me where to start
  2. A

    UART Communication between GSM and GPS

    UART Communication between GSM and GPS I want to establish a UART Communication between GSM and GPS. The Supply Voltage of GPS is 3.3V. The Supply Voltage of GSM is 3.8V. The measured RX/TX Voltage Levels of GPS is 2.8V and 0V (for logic High and logic Low). The measured RX/TX Voltage Levels...
  3. M

    Telit cellular module pins need to be connected to a test point why?

    Hello, Why is it written in datasheet that some pins should be connected to a test point? I'm using the Telit UE910 cellular module, In the datasheet it is written that all pins are can be disconnected except some pins which are needed to be connected to a test point. Do I have to connect those...
  4. M

    3G vs 2G cellular module for a professional power sensitive GPS tracker?

    I'm confused upon whether to choose 3G module or 2G for sending GPS data to a remote server for a battery-operated tracker for a professional application product. From the datasheets, I noticed that the 2G modules consume almost half the power of the 3G. I've tested the performance of a Telit 2G...
  5. Marko1702

    Electronic circuit that send sms---help please, I am new on forum---

    Hi First I apologize if my spelling isnt correct, I am from Croatia and I am not so good with spelling English language. I am new on this forum and I am interested in making this circuit but I dont know a thing about microcontrollers and things like that, because I have never made some circuit...

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