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solar booster for ac line

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i was thinking about placing an inverter (and some circuitry) on a solar cell and sending that ac juice directly into an electrical appliance (like a lamp). the cell would probably only produce about 30v at a couple amps. i got the idea that i could hook it up right to the appliance cord and it would supplement the house voltage thereby reducing the electricity bill. is it possible or would my house explode into a ball of fire?


It is quite easy, if this supply is entirely isolated from the house supply. You only really need an inverter to convert the DC (from the cell) to AC. Not too much risk there.

It is possible, however, to connect it to your house supply, but you need to have some way of ensuring that the power you generate is exactly the same frequency, and is in phase with the house supply ie, to have a synchronisation method. Much more difficult :twisted:


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And some way to automatically disconnect during a power failure.
You could electrocute someone working on the lines. :shock:


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Some electric utilities will accept arrangements whereby a customer can sell power back as long as proper control/protective equipment is used for the installation. Some utilities do this voluntarily while others are required to do it by law. I know of some windmills in my area (NY State) that are small but the owners pay for a small portion of their investment by selling power back.

There are so many "grants" out there - you might find some "money" that is available to help pay for your project. In NY State there is "NYSERDA" funding for extra-ordinary energy projects - not sure this would qualify but this is just one example.
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