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SDcard problem 18F252 nok

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I can not run this SD card program, written in Oshonsoft, I have no problem for the PIC series 18F2550 and 18F4550, but impossible for PIC 18F252 or 18F4620.
SPI pins change 18F252 RA5, RC3, RC4, RC5 and for 18F2550 RA5, RB0, RB1, RC7.Can be in the configuration register.
I do not see what can go wrong.
Thank you for your help



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Hi G,
I am also having problems, which may be related.

I READ/WRITE to modules using SPI. I also have an analyser.

I use the line:
Define SIMULATION_WAITMS_VALUE = 1 'Comment in for SIM out for PIC
I get sensible analyser readings if the line is commented IN, so I presume the PIC is going too fast, but I'm not sure.
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