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ServoOut problem

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Roger Harrold

New Member
I'm using a PIC18F1320 running at 16MHz
Oshonsoft PIC18F BASIC Simulator IDE

I'm finding that ServoOut (pin, 100) which should result in a 1mS pulse from pin, actually produces a pulse exactly 900 microseconds wide.
Has anybody else come across this? Strangely, it only gives 900uS when run on the simulator too, so it's not a hardware problem.

I've raised a bug report with Vladimir but I have received no reply.
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I tested it in the simulator with PIC16F877, clock frequency 8 MHz and 20 MHz.
Results 908 us and 883 us.
It is clearly a bug.

Roger Harrold

New Member
Thanks for that, at least it isn't just me being silly.
I've written my own servo routine along the lines of:

High pin
WaitUs 1000
Low pin

I can't find any way to pass pin as a variable but that isn't too much of a problem.
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