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overclocking gates

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recently the people at Toms hardware guide overclocked a pentium 4 to 5GHz :shock: . they cooled the processor with liquid nitrogen (yes thats what i said!!!). they said that when a processor is operated at higher clock frequencies the signal inside the processor detiriorates so the core voltage has to be increased. so the mean to say that by increasing the voltage u can comfortably increase the clock frequency to any level.

my question is that can this technique be applied to individual gates and SSI and MSI chips. like for instance i have a dual JK flip flop in a single IC then can increasing the voltage help me to increase the clock frequency. i know there is a certain limit of the clock frequency. but i just wanted to know that if i could make a flip flop (or any other digital device) operate at higher frequencies


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CMOS logic does operate at higher frequencies with higher supply voltage, but be careful not to exceed the rating. TTL logic has a very limited voltage range, so there is not much advantage.

panic mode

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what is the application and speed you are trying to achive?
maybe there is a better way to solve the problem...
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