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Mini fluorescent strip stopped working

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I'm a newbie but very handy and fast learner. I thought this problem could be a small project to start learning about circuits.

I have a 120V - 60Hz 13w single t5 fluorescent mini strip that just stopped working. Pretty sure it's a rapid start but there is no ballast in a casing it is two seperate circuit boards at each end.

Was wondering if anyone could tell me what type I'm dealing with and maybe if you have an idea of what could be failing. Tube (2pins) is good checked with meter. Bought new one in case but nothing lights up. Visually nothing looks burnt but on last image there is a light black residue on the back cover of non switch side and capacitors are not swelled up.

Thank you in advance for your responses120954120955120956120957120958120959.
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