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electric water pump control

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All, i have the need to control a water pump. What i am looking for is some help/advice on the best way to do this.
Currently the pump works by pumping water when a water tap is open. My requirement is to only have certain individuals be able to draw water from the taps. My initial idea was to control the electricity to the water pump by means of electrical supply control, maybe having some switch that is controlled by a pass code? Can anyone suggest how i can do this?

Any hep/advice greatly appreciated.


You could have a control circuit for the pump connected to a code lock...

Enter the key to activate, open the tap and the water comes out...You would need to put a time limit or else how would you stop the water flowing once the code is entered...

Something to think about.....


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You could use an electronic lock circuit such as one of these Electronic Lock Electronic Circuits.

You would also need to add a time delay as Chippie stated. Set it so that after say 10s of when the water stops flowing, the lock would be reset.


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Thanks to everyone for their input.
The electronic lock circuit would probably be the best idea with some for of time delay as suggested.
The reasoning for all this is that the mains water i use in my holiday property is sold by the ton. I believe that people are coming along and stealing the water when i am not there. I of course cannot prove this but i am getting higher water bills than i should. I have a cleaner and maintanance person who would need access to the water supply, so if i could get a lock circuit working i would just have to supply them with the code.
The water pump is 240v supply voltage, would this affect the way these circuits work?

Thanks again.
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