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design help needed

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I am interested in building a 2 digit up/down counter and need some assisstance

I have seen reference to the CD40110BE or the MC14510 chips,
and am not well versed in pic programming and need a smaller simpler solution than a basic stamp.

so here is the application:

my guitar synthesizer has 2 momentary switches switching 7vDC on the remote (guitar) end

the floor unit handles the processing and has a 2 digit 7 segment display for program numbers 1-99

I would like to be able to mount a secondary display at the switch end

it needs to count up when one switch is pressed and count down when the other switch is pressed, and the count needs to start at 1 instead of 0

it should reset count to 1 at power up
or reset with both buttons pressed

thanks for your help



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The 14510 is an up/down decade counter which can be asynchronously preset with any starting number. Two can be cascaded to count 0-99. Two 14511s will convert the 4 bit BCD from the counters into a seven-seg displays. A couple of 4011 NAND gates could encode the simultaneous button push into a reset pulse.

Look up the data sheets, and if you still have questions, write back.
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