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Best service provider for satellite TV and international TV?

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What is the best company to deal with if you want to get a satellite TV system or other TV content not offered on cable TV or MOD?

I contacted three companies, and I have to tell you, the experience ranged from very pleasant and helpful :bravo:to very rude and unhelpful :fume: .

The companies I talked to are:

Those are the only companies we found that spoke English.
Has anybody else dealt with any of these companies?
One of them really pissed me off big time, so it would be nice to hear some opinions to see if it's not just me.


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That's kinda sorta a superwide question...

Do you have acces to internationnal press, there are some available in airport dutyfree dealing only with worlwide tv sat communication.

But usually... you have to get involved by yourself, there is no real turnkey solution... first you buy a C-band antenna (those monsters between 3 and 5 meters minimum). Then a decoder, then a list of satellite coordinate... then either you orient the dish by hand or by a motor control unit with position memory. For paychannel you also need subscription and maybe special decoders.
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