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ADS1115 connections

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I am doing a project with ESP8266 and ADS1115. I want to monitor the voltage of 3 battery banks. I already had some PCBs made but now I am looking at my circuit and I am thinking that maybe I did something wrong. Here is the part of my circuit that is confusing me.
The 3 banks have a common ground and bank1 is providing power and being monitored but if I add bank 2, I realize that there is a path through R3, R4 and R6. If my conclusion is valid, how would I go about fixing this?



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My first thought is that you are confused and all messed up in the head, I know this because it happens to me from time to time.
You need to look at the whole circuit, not just this little part.

You have three battery banks.
Do these three batteries have a common point ? ie are they connected together at their negative terminals?
If they are, and that common point is connected to the ground of this circuit shown in your post, then you do not have a problem.

The only way to be sure is to examine the whole circuit, not just the fragment which you have shown here.

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