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Vicor SMPS power modules....feedback loop dynamics too good to be true?

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We have just designed a SMPS (48Vin to 1V5 at 95A) using Vicor Modules as in the attached. The PRM48’ is the SMPS and the VTM48’ is a “Voltage Transformation Module”. (with NP:NS = 24:1)
The PRM48’ switches at 1MHz.
On page 38 of the PRM48’ datasheet they give the calculation for the feedback loop. I included a zero for the capacitor’s ESR to this and made out the bode plots as in the attached excel document. It is very easy to select feedback compensation components which give superb gain and phase margin at crossover frequencies running up to nearly 100kHz. This seems too good to be true.
For example, the attached schematic gives a crossover frequency of 53kHz and a phase margin of 118 degrees. The gain margin is superb too, as can be seen.
Is this too good to be true?

VTM48EF020T080A00 datasheet:-

PRM48JH480T250A00 datasheet:


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All I can say is that Victor has a reputation for being an innovative and very high performance company, which is always pushing the envelope of what can be done.


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All I can say, if you insist on being the Doubting Thomas and don´t trust anything, then go ahead and measure the specs yourselves and prove them wrong.
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