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Truck supervision

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Hi everyone,

I’ve done a traineeship in a small startup spezialised in using big data reactive systems in IOT projects. I’m carrying on with them on a project of fleet management and they need hardware devices to make the acquision of data from trucks. The idea is to acquire data from sensors inside the truck and from cameras in the truck trailer. I am in need of wifi door and temperature humidity sensors for the trailer and I wonder if you guys can help me out with any products you know of.

For the cameras I’m thinking of using wifi ip cameras and access them through RTSP from a linux machine in the tractor, however I would like also to be able to control when they record (only when the trailer is opened) so I need help with that too, if you guys can suggest any ideas.

Thank you for your time.


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ESP8266: There are many small wireless modules like this. Low power, can read temperature sensors and switches.
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Thank you for your answer. What I'm hoping for is a solution that is robust enough to be put inside a truck trailer. Maybe sensor nodes that I can program to communicate with my linux system.


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That link throws a 404 error. Try this one.

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