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LoRa verses WiFi verses wires for home automation 2.4ghz verses 900mhz


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My home automation has all wise had many wires running places. Now I am experimenting with WiFi and (Pi or ESP8266) to replace the wires. With high gain antennas I can get outdoor distance but the (outdoor) network fails in the rain. Really need 300 feet but would like 1000 feet.

The 2.4ghz Xbee mesh network works better but I wish I had purchased the 900mhz Xbee which, at work, we reliably reach miles.

Does any one here use LoRa?

I think the modules are low cost, long range, outdoor reliable.
I think you need a single "LoRa gateway" to get started. Maybe WiFi to LoRa ?? Is there a serial to LoRa gateway?

It is scary to add all this network problems when wires work. Any thoughts?
Thanks Ron,

Ian Rogers

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I tried... But LoRa is a IOT of sorts... It's designed to send packets of 25k quite far... BUT!! I needed a low power device so I use really small packet devices 12bytes and that's it...

Apparently they are great for powered wifi solutions and you can get up to 15 kilometers ( I didn't )...


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After much research:
LoRa is a system where a remote device can only transmit 1% of the time. The hubs or gateways can talk more of the time.
The network is designed for sensors and remote items where there is little traffic.
I think a 2 line LCD display is fine but never a VGA display.
It appears "T=23", "A=off" is what the network is built for.
It appears to be the same band as 900-Xbee so we reliably reached line of sight 5 miles. (900mhz=US, there are other versions depending on where you live)


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Have you looked at Z-Wave?

I've played with it a bit but I'm not really using it for much yet.

The mesh concept and every device being full two way seem very nice compared to some older systems.


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Z-Wave is "mesh network" 900mhz. I like mesh and 900mhz. Again 900mhz requires remote devices to talk only 1% of the time.
You can transmit data fast for a short distance or transmit data slow for a long distance. I think Z-Wave is faster then LoRa but the distance is not as good. Several you-tube people have problems with distance with Z-wave.


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If you are looking to extend your WiFi; I see NetGear has "mesh" network extenders. They claim to "hop, hop, hop" your network out some distance.
I have not tried mesh (out side of Xbee).

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