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  1. M

    Detect 'FRIENDLY' and 'ALIEN' moving object

    Greetings Everyone. I am looking to develop a small educational project as an end of term project for my Graduate programme. The concept is to identify a moving object and then categorise it as either 'FRIENDLY' or 'ALIEN'. The term 'FRIENDLY' means they will be known to the system and the...
  2. Y

    Truck supervision

    Hi everyone, I’ve done a traineeship in a small startup spezialised in using big data reactive systems in IOT projects. I’m carrying on with them on a project of fleet management and they need hardware devices to make the acquision of data from trucks. The idea is to acquire data from sensors...
  3. D


    Hi, I'm translating a user's manual of an old film camera and I don't know what a part does. Like other Spotmatics, the K1000 uses an electrically cross-coupled exposure meter. Changing the shutter-speed setting, the film-speed setting, or the diaphragm opening programs a resistance value into...
  4. S

    Linking a drone camera to LCD glasses

    I have a small drone camera that I'm trying to link to a set of LCD glasses, thus creating night vision glasses. Only downside is that I'm a complete novice to electronics, and have no idea how to attach the two. Images: https://imgur.com/a/aIFPS Any help with this is greatly appreciated. Cheers,
  5. xhcetortcelex

    Help Developing Automotive Black Box, DVR, OBD II

    Friends, I am a noob that is considering building a Dash Cam DVR Black Box for my car, I suspect that I am not the first so please if you know of discussions on developing an awesome Black Box please direct me to it. The Black Boxes being offered are Gold Dusted empty, expensive crapware. I...
  6. D

    Help repairing several Reconyx trail cameras

    Hello my fellow members, I have several Reconyx trail cameras that are broken and I am hoping someone can help me with. They cost around $600,- per camera and I am not able to send them out for warranty. These cameras are used to capture photos of wildlife (jaguars, tapir, etc.) and are...
  7. F

    LVDS to CSI-2

    Hello, I'm trying to take data from tamron's camera MP1010M-VC (LVDS), to HummingBoard-Edge, with iMX 6 i4PRO (MPI CSI-2), I would like to use some FPGA for example Altera Cyclone V with development board, any tips or ideas how to make this connection? Thanks
  8. C

    Renesas Synergy DK-S7G2 camera module

    Hello, I'm using the Renesas Synergy dev kit DK-S7G2 and would like to use the included camera module. Has anyone here used this dev kit with the camera? Know of any tutorials/source code for driving images from camera to an external display?
  9. Donny_97

    Pan/Tilt Head need help designing circuit

    Hello everybody, I am planning on making a motorized Pan/Tilt head to go on a camera jibcrane. My electronics knowledge isn't too well, so I'd wanted to ask all the amazing people here. My plan was to use two 12volt DC motors, powered by a battery pack, to drive the axis, controlled by a...

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