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terminal block broke


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I was trying to get this small wire out of my alarm panel to do renovation to the wall and in pulling the grey jumper to hard it popped out and now the wire is stuck inside.
i had to get the panel down so i cut the wire and now the task of fixing it?
A) how to i get this wire out so i can splice it to the old one?
B) is the grey jumper thingly fixable?
thank you for any help


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It looks like a Wago "cage clamp" terminal.

You should find that if you push the end of a screwdriver or small allen key down the hole, it releases the spring clamp so you can remove or insert wires. If a straight in push does nothing, try then levering towards the front of the terminal.

They are readily available, but it will likely cost far more in postage than the terminals themselves.

Edit: They seem to be this series:
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what i did was cut the grey push pin ever so slightly so i could fit it back in to its terminal , with some pressure it went in and luckily the clamp still worked so by pushing down on it, it releases the cmalp and i was able to get my cable out and feed a new one in
thank you to rjenkinsgb for the advise and guidance provided

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