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Space grade?


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When I first started to play around with electronics and computers (Thanks Don Lancaster and Steve Ciarcia and a bunch of others), I learned about military grade TTL chips. OK, that was easy enough to understand, I guess. Well, many years later (and I'm still playing around), I see this in my email from Microchip..."Scalable Design Solutions from COTS to Space Grade " and ..." before scaling to the radiation-tolerant SAMV71Q21RT or radiation-hardened SAMRH71 "...."These microcontrollers deliver low-power operation with fault management, data integrity and radiation performance for Low Earth Orbit (LEO) and deep Space applications. "

...and the link to the device here.

So, "space grade" is really a thing? Can I get a "Space Grade" Arduino (an UNO-S) on eBay?


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I wouldn't trust a space grade anything off Ebay lol. And neither should you. I don't want your Arduino-powered satellite falling on my house or <your arduino controlled> nuclear power plant melting down.

Space grade is a thing with Xilinx as well.
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Don't worry about DrG's rocket falling on DknGuyen's nuclear powet plant. That's about as likely as me posting something helpful.

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