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Does ST MC Workbench implement Space Vector Pulse Width Modulation (SVPWM) ?


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Hi everyone,

Could someone please let me know if ST MC Workbench implements SVPWM ? I have been looking at all features in the workbench but I haven't found any settings which allow tuning of the PWM algorithm. Thanks in advance.



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Academic article is at the top of the list...



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gophert as I already wrote in my question, I have searched but I haven't found anything that states that ST MC Workbench uses SVPWM. After searching, now I am asking...


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As far as I know it could either use only SVPWM, SPWM, both or neither of them. But I haven't found anthing that states this so far. I have looked at the data sheets of the p-nucleo-ihm03 motor controller which is the one I want to use but they do not state which PWM algorithm is implemented.

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