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smart card.....or Xphone card circuit

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well....i am not sure this is possible...
but i want to make a smart card lock....i mean i want to store a code into a smart card and then be able to use the smart card to open somthing.
the only smart cards i can think of is to use phone cards wich don't have credit on them any more..and are also expired...
so how should i do that?
the way i think is to place a code into the card ...and then read that code..and compare it with a stored code and open the lock....
any ideas?


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There are also gold-cards, look exactly like a smartcard (but golden :)).
They are used to descramble DVB sattelite transmissions. They contain a PIC16F84 and an EEPROM, so if you know pic programming, these things could do the trick.



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All phone card have different serial number. If You can read these number, the card quite enough for this application.(also without credit.)


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yes il like the idea with the serial number.
i assume that it is unique.
so i don't have to worry about putting the number inside it..
but i still have a bit of a problem....
some cards have 6 contacts some have 8......
i think that the 8 contacts' are older....
i got 2 from 2000(the year)


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Atmel has a Smart Card Development Kit that you can get from insight electronics(~$200 I think). I think you can buy just the micro with Smart Card interface from the same place if you cant afford the kit. I think the part number of the micro is AT83C5123.

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