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Samsung laser multifunction fixed. Error A1-4111


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I got it apart, and my pad seems to look fine... Any clues with this pic?
To me it looks like the rear pad has drifted "upwards", you can see an area of metal between it and the edge of the armature, which should not be there.
(Behind the bent up part)

Look at the relay picture close-ups on the first page; that pad only has to be a fraction away from the edge (bottom in your photo) for it to slide past the retainer when the relay is released.

I'd move it down so it's at or slightly over the edge again.


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That relay looks to be activated - the foam underneath is squashed. Is the upper most foam in line with the end of the plate?


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Thanks for taking the time to post this as you helped as well as many other people. I accidentally destroyed the foam pad in trying to slide it up, but I replaced it with a piece of a 3M command adhesive strip, so I hope that keeps working.

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