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Samsung laser multifunction fixed. Error A1-4111


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I think I may be the only one, but mine still isn't working
Pad was firmly in place but used a little extra tape but it seems its like white cog jamming inside?


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Thanks a lot! i was able to slide the foam pad over and the error went away. It will probably come back at some point, but now I how to fix. thanks again!!! very helpful advice.


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I have to say thank you very much Pommie. My mother was frustrated about this error code and was planning to just buy a new printer. I told her it wouldn't be worth it and that there had to be a solution. It literally took 10 minutes to get it done.


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14,230 views as of today.
I wonder how many of those views, besides the folk who joined the forum to express thanks, turned into fixes?

Looks like you saved a lot of people some money Mike.


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Thank you so much. As a result of this, I've just fixed my CLP-415 printer, which appears to share many of the same internals. The foam pad hadn't moved, I think, but had certainly become compressed and thus thinner over the years, the printer having been increasingly but erratically unreliable over the last few months. I glued a short length of wooden stirrer to the actuator as a replacement, as it had a closely-matching thickness. All now seems well -- though time alone will tell! (And only one screw left over after re-assembly.)


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Thank Pommie Mike... My foam pad was not moved but seem worn out. i pressed it with screwdriver a few times. it was still on its place, and now its seems working.

Its fixed.. cheers man


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Can we take out foam pad completely, or take it out and put some plastic piece in its place with glue???


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Thanks Mike for your great advice.
I broke it.....I fixed it!! Created an account just to say thank you!!

Exactly as your explained with your pictures - I removed 5 screws (two at the back, 3 at the front) and the cover slid backwards. With no technical knowledge whatsoever, I used a jewelers screwdriver to push the pad downwards towards the actuator, then connected power and it restarted. It was done and the "Ready to Copy" message appeared. I turned the printer off, replaced and rescrewed the cover and then we were working as normal. Total time 15mins. Just to prove it...photos attached:


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