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Samsung laser multifunction fixed. Error A1-4111


New Member
Thank you for your information.....
My printer is C1860FW and now it doesn't show any more error message....
it was kind of headache me but you save me.... Thanks again


New Member
Yep. This fix is still valid. I opened mine up and this was the problem and the fix. Thank you so much for the detailed fix!


New Member
Hi Pommie, signed up and created an account like others here to shout out and say thanks for post along with detailed description and pictures, error gone, problem solved. hoping some cool karma comes your way. Cheers, Steve


New Member
This fix worked for me also. I was skeptical to say the least, but I'm truly amazed now.

I have no idea why that could cause an error code, as it's just a simple relay latch.

There shouldn't be any way for the system to know it's not working properly, but somehow it does. Resistance in the coil, I suppose.

I used white artist's tape, and put a couple layers so that the actuator plate is not hitting the front stop, and a couple layers underneath so it can't be pulled all the way back against the electromagnet. And much to my amazement it fixed it.

The existing foam was still there but very thin, not much thicker than a sheet of paper so I guess that was the flaw.

Thanks again for everyone who posts on this forum.


New Member
Add yet another thankful person! Those pictures were extremely helpful. Subscribed to this site since this was so helpful. Carry on the good work, soldier!

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