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Running Dos programs on Wnidows XP can it be done?.

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I have some old Dos ham radio programs that I would like to run on a
pentium with WindowsXP, i have tried several times but no luck,
wondering if there is a way to do that ?


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Dos on winXP

Unfortunately you may be out of luck... WinXP runs a DOS emulation which you can try running your apps by performing the following:
Click Start, then click run
Type cmd and click ok
Your DOS Prompt will come up
Locate the software and try to execute it.

Otherwise, I recommend finding a temporary PC to run Win98SE to work with your DOS applications.

Good luck!


I had a problem trying to use the DOS emulator in Windows 98. It ran some programs but could not cope with TSRs.

I got round the problem by using 'Adaptec' to make a bootable DOS 6.2 CD. It works a treat but I had to format a partion for FAT16. It may be that a later DOS version would handle FAT32.
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