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Repeal Health Care Reform Law?

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The one really strange point of this Health Care Reform, is that our country was in a deep recession, high unemployment, people getting laid off, homes getting foreclosed, and the number one priority, was to force this bill through legislation, even with a Democrat trinity, they still had to resort to some shady dealings. With the economy in such a bad state, employers reducing staff, how is forcing health insurance a good move? I scares employers away from increasing the number of people they are going to split the cost with. It's taking more money out of the economy, not moving some back in.
I think the only people that are out anything (so far) are people like me. The Gov't was paying the insurance companies $800 a year to administer Advantage plans under Medicare. My plan went up $30. I guess the rest was profit for the insurance companies.
The bail-out billions didn't make much sense either, it just bypassed the economy, and the people who needed help, and went right into the pockets of the people who would have eventually gotten a good portion anyway.
Yea, I can still see Bush and Polson standing up there with a single piece of paper saying pass this and just trust me with a trillion dollars
Low interest/no interest loans, where most was probably short term invested overseas, and millions made, loan re-paid.
Now this is a good one. Give the banks free money and they turn around and by bonds to finance the deficit - kind of like perpetual motion minus the interest.
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