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NMEA splitter

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Hey Folks,

Wondering if anyone could help me. This may seem like a simple problem with an easy solution. I am looking to run a GPS Feed simulator program on my laptop in GPGLL form then send this GPGLL signal to two different devices. I have had a look at NMEA buffers and NMEA multiplexers but these seem far more complex than I need and expensive. If anyone could help me out that would be great!




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What is the problem? If all you want to do is hook one RS232 source to multiple receivers, then just hook the receivers in parallel. My aircraft GPS has a single NEMA RS232 output and it is wired to three different things that listen to it. As long as all three receivers can use the same baud rate, and the same comm parameters (e.g. N81) then it works just fine...
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