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hello all.

I have long been an electronics freak, however I have always strayed away from the programming aspect. So I know very little about all of this.

I wanted to create a simple program on an EEPROM chip (24c08). From what I have gathered, I have to purchase a programming machine....., right? I would have thought that there was a way to program the chip with simple software, through the serial port.... or something of that nature. Please help.




what do you expect to achieve from programming your eeprom?

If you load a program into it, it wont do anyting..... :(

Eeproms are for storing( data) and are not executable devices like pics or micro's.


I admire your passion for experimentation and building, but why re-invent the wheel ?
To drive an lcd to display the info you require is not a light hearted task

I'd suggest going with the circuit you already have

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