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KEyLess Mod

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I loose my keys a lot and right now my bike is pretty much hot wired and it turns on by 3 switches.
i have 6 different wires when i press the all the switches to on
it connects
switch 1 RED wire to ORANGE wire
switch 2 Green wire to Brown wire
swtich 3 Orange with red tracer wire to Black with white tracer wire.
once these are to on position bike is turned on
Is there a way to turn it on in a better way , i was gonna get a replacement key but i can't right now because i am about to move to a different country soon.
i was thinking something like a "thumb scan device" programmed to recognize my thumb print only. so when i place my thumb on the small scanner . the scanner send the signal to the 3 switches or 6 wires to turn the bike ignition to ON.
If someone else tries to turn the bike on with there thumb it shouldn't send that signal to turn the ignition on.
i can have the "tumb scanner" operate of a 1.5Vbattery or even bikes battery it self...
Also would have a ON/OFF switch for the scanner so the scanner is turned off and the device is not draining the battery while its parked over night or for a long time.
I don't know if this is possible just an idea to make my life better.
If you have any suggestions on how to do this please let me know
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