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IoT doomed - Philososphical question


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No suppose this is an IOT with a web interface?

They "Depreciate" stuff in the browsers.
Thats only one type of IOT, TBh its a good example of exactly what true IOT isnt.

nigel wright

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I designed my own PIC32 pcb with a connector for Ethernet interface.
I couldn't get it to work. The PIC SPI read line didn't do anything.
I got in touch with microchip and they were baffled too.
So I scrapped the project.

They suggested getting a PIC Ethernet starter kit.
So I got one, programmed it up and that didnt work either !
I got in touch with microchip and after some toing and froing they admitted there were issues with PIC32MX and their TCPIP harmony software.

So a bit disappointed with microchip and internet of things.


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Always choose open-source/open-standards over proprietary, and make sure your choice has a strong community backing. That eliminates most of the problem anyway. Arduino, for example, not only meets those requirements but the platform can also be used to program a wide variety of other chips too (including the PIC32MX).

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