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How can i measure non-isolated waveforms

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I have a 5v which is non-isolated (generated from 230v mains).

I power up a microcontroller from it.How can i attach a debugger which is USB based to the target?

Can i put a mains isolation transformer 1:1 on the target board and then connect the debugger to this?

Please someone advise

Thanks and regards


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An isolating transformer would be a start, but I would personally disconnect the mains and power the micro from the debugger (if possible, I'm guessing that you're switching mains with the micro, so this may not be practical)


Hi dougy83

Thanks for replying

I am switching mains with the MCU so i cannot power it up from the debugger.
I can check the logical run through though.

But with mains power i get an unisolated 5v and the ADC reading on this is not measurable.With the debugger power i am able to measure and take action depending on the reading..but the same piece of code when run on actual power ,i get erratic actions..so theres some trouble....so i was hoping that maybe i connect a 1:1 xmer and connect the debugger directly.

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