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High Voltage - Home theatre

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I have a Sony DVD Home threatre system. Over voltage brought my system down and now the unit is not switching on. When i opened the unit, i could see yellow color chip (may be a capacitor) got broken near the power cable.

I have attached here the snapshot of the broken chip in my DVD unit. Could you please help me if i can replace it on my own?


Nigel Goodwin

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If you're lucky, it 'might' just be that and the fuse that's blown - however, sourcing the component may be difficult, particularly when you haven't even given the model number of the unit.

There's also a good possibility that there's no circuit or individual spare parts available, and the official solution would be to replace the entire board - but again, with no model I'm just guessing.

dr pepper

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Looks like either a MOV or a thermistor, are there any numbers on it?


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Have you checked the fuse that is behind it in the photo? If that has blown, the yellow MOV may have failed and gone short circuit, and taken the fuse out. However, the MOV has done its job and protected the expensive bits.

I have seen MOV or similar devices do that, and in doing so, save a lot of expense.
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