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Hi Op Amp simulation using Eagle

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"Hi" is a meaningless title for a thread.

I have edited the title to describe what the thread is about.



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Ian said what I was thinking.

Eagle is not a simulation program. Eagle is used for drawing schematics and designing PCBs. You'll need to use actual simulation software like LTSpice (free), Pspice (free student version), Multisim, Proteus, etc.


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Does anyone know for sure, the free version might be limited, then they want you to pay full boat for the software beyond just layout and trace routing.



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That´s what i did find on the website:

"Interfaces to other programs (3rd party, not by CadSoft):

PCBSim — Simulation software from Felicitas Customized Engineering
LTSpice — Analog simulation from Linear Technology
B2Spice – Simulation software
ELECTRA – Autorouter"

(Source: https://cadsoft.io/support/faq/)
Its at the bottom of the FAQ.

There´s also the possibility of using the DRC

"The Design Rule Check (DRC) points out errors like
  • Overlaps
  • Minimum distance violations
  • Drill Size Violations
  • Minimum width violations
Errors are displayed graphically and can be easily accessed through the Error command’s popup list."

Theres a video in the guided tour.

I searched the website for any futher hint about an integreted simulation and couldn´t find anything

Hope I could be of help,
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