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Help with Dell Inspiron N5110 laptop sata connector


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Hello guys i have a Dell Inspiron N5110. My cdrom sata connector was ripped a while ago. Yesterday i decided to fix it because i wanted to buy a ssd and connect my hdd to cdrom socket. But i realized that 2 pins on sata board side was shorted together because their trace was exposed. it was the 1 and 2 number pins on the signal part of sata the A+ and GND. I am using this laptop with no problem with that short. The real question is what happens if I solder the female connector and connect my hdd to that connector ? Will it kill the hdd ? I would be happy to hear your answers.


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with A+ shorted to ground, you may have already damaged that data line, as differential data lines are usually biased to 1/2Vcc, and shorting that to ground can damage the line driver for that pair of data lines.

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