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  1. E

    Help with Dell Inspiron N5110 laptop sata connector

    Hello guys i have a Dell Inspiron N5110. My cdrom sata connector was ripped a while ago. Yesterday i decided to fix it because i wanted to buy a ssd and connect my hdd to cdrom socket. But i realized that 2 pins on sata board side was shorted together because their trace was exposed. it was the...
  2. throbscottle


    It's solder buying time again, and I thought I'd try to do a bit of research on the cheap solder you get on eBay, since that's where the last lot came from and I've been mostly very happy with it. So, the solder I've been using is Jinhu 60/40 0.5mm, 2% flux. I bought it a few years ago and got...
  3. J

    Fluxless Solder Paste?

    Where can one obtain fluxless, lead-free solder paste? Prefer tin or other low-toxicity, low-melt-temp substances. Also interested in Homemade paste. This product's vendor claims it's fluxless. How can I be sure? https://www.ebay.com/itm/392158700738
  4. E

    Lead-free (halide-free) silver alloys solder

    Hello. I've been using 60/40 solder for years. I tried lead-free (halide free), pure tin, with a little bit of copper, and 227ºC. Even though I use a good quality soldering station, it's hard to work with it. Doesn't flow nearly as well, and the higher temperature required makes my iron tip...
  5. sr13579

    Soldering Iron troubleshootings

    Hello everyone, this is my first thread here. I am using a 60W soldering iron which has a temperature regulator on it. I have never seen anything like this. Also this iron has a ground crockodile clip which saves me from the unnecessary shocks.Also it is automated. It turns off/on all by itself...

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