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Garage doors

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hi everybody I'm new to the world of electronics been building some small circuits but now i wonna go one step further. I'm in RC cars and I want to build a small RC garage. the prob is how to open and close the door? i thought of using a small DC electric powered motor(it works normally on 7.2V) but the question is how to limit it so it turns slowly and somehow make the switch control in one position the up and in the other the down position with some programmable IC perhaps? im not into programing IC but hell ill learn :D . please help guys ;)


You just need little limit switches, you'd have to position one so that when the door got all the way up the switch was pressed, and likewise one, a few simple logic gates so the motor shuts off when either limit switch was pressed. You could do it with a micro controller but that's over kill for such a simple application and it probably wouldn't hurt to learn a little bit about discrete logic.
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