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dual seven segment display

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say we have a bcd counter, 5 bit, how should i make or what should i use to have an output to the displays when it reaches "10"? using two seven segment display....is there a chip which is used for decoding two displays?...


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well, i don't know about that. i know that there are counters with 2, 3 ....digits wich are in one chip.
but what is it wrong in using 2 ICs?


Usually you would use two chips, one for each display. If your counter doesn't have a dedicated pin to trigger the next digit to increment, you'll have to use the most significant digit pin to trigger the count when it changes state to low(negative edge triggering).


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clarification on my question

here's the scenario:

we have a program running on our system that will output incrementing 5-bit BCD(1,2,4,8,16)....
then we want to check if the system will have a correct output through the use of a 2-digit display...

pls give us hints or suggestions on what I.C.'s are we going to use....


hope this is more clear...[/img]


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As i remember well, the old TTL-serie have a code converter 74184 and 74185. If You can find one, this solve the problem (with two 7447 BCD to 7segment driver). Other way write a program for EPROM or GAL or PIC for conversion. Also possible do this with diode-matrix(many diodes= many work...)
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