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Dab / FM Aerial

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Hi All,

I have an Arcam Dab / Fm Tuner that was supplied new with a large T shaped Aerial made from 300 ohm feeder cable, connecting into the tuner by the only single F type socket.
While it gives reasonable reception, mounting the aerial in the recommended vertical position is rather impractical in the living room.

I want to move it up into the loft but do not know what cable to use to extend it with - should it be 300 ohm or one of the many Coax cables ( eg re Maplin Uk catalogue) ( the arcam dealer just too vague / didn't know)

The dual purpose aerial, I feel sure, could be bettered by two separate elements but there seems a distinct lack of these on the market and little diy information to be found.

Can anyone suggest a couple of simple diy designs I could make up and how I should connect these to a single download cable.

many thanks


mvs sarma

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as you are trying in the 88 to 108MHz band, I feel, 300 ohm flat cable would do and it is rather cheap.
you may if needed use Bal-Un to convert the impedance from 300 to 75. this item is very cheap and many TV shops sell it.
Most important is protection from lightening- Once the antenna is at an elivated location. you gave to put GD tubes or MOVs to ground well before the antenna is brought inside your home. These protective devices need to be earthed in a standard fashion and the eathing arrangement properly watched for seasonal dry-up, to be effective.

I am deliberately emphasizing on this issue.

All the best
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