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Contactless On/Off Switch


Im looking for a way to turn on/off electronics in a sealed container. It should run off of 5 to 15 V DC, and be very low power consumption. Its for RC useage so it should be able to switch up to 10 amps.
It can use either Reed switches, or Hall Effect sensors. I have attatched a sample schematic...whatcha think of it??
So whatcha think?
Thanks in advance.....


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Why not just use a reed switch in series with a relay - once the magnet is near the switch, the relay is on. What exactly are you trying to do ?

dr pepper

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As picbits reed switch inline with relay, maybe put the back emf diode across the coil to make the reed last longer.


OHHH jeese, I uploaded the wrong schematic...whatta dork.
I was just wondering if I could use a latching Hall Effect sensor, along with a 2n2222, a relay, 2 back emf diodes. I would use reed switches, but being a radio controlled unit that this would be placed in, and therefore being bashed around a lot, they may not last

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