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Cell phone interfacing...

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What are you trying to do? I'm working on a GPS Tracking Device (GTS) to recover stolen vehicles. I'm using an ATMega128 microcontroller and a MicroTek GSM cellular modem. Its pretty simple, just a serial connection between the two devices.

MicroTek sells the GSM modem and a development kit for $250. I didn't get any sample software code with it, but its 100% serial data, quite easy to program. It uses a DB9 connector that can connect directly up to a serial port on your computer.

The ATmega128 is probably overkill for what you need, but I needed both UARTs on it. An ATMega32 has a single UART and IIRC its a 16 Mhz controller with 32 KB program space. There are also tools to program it using C code, or Atmel provides an assembler you can use. The dev kit for this device was about $200 as well. I believe there are also schematics available so that you can make your own kits, and the processor will cost you about $4 or less.

Both kits come with HUGE documents, my modem has over 300 pages of commands, luckily I only need less than a dozen ;) It is capable of SMS though, and I have GSM service through T-Mobile.

Is this ANYTHING like what you wanted to know?


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help needed

i just read about this topic and would like to know some more details. i am trying to do a project on how to make a vehicle tracking unit.

one problem is that i cant get a gps module here and i tried to get one.what happened is that the module is just Rs.5000 but after all taxes it comes to Rs.10 thousand. so i hvnt got it and trying to get it from some where like singapore or so so that i can save the taxes...but i have a slight change i am using Atmel Mega 128 and a mobile phone(nokia 3310) instead of the gsm module so that i can reduce cost.

could you pls tell me how to go ahead with this..i am not a tech guy.i got these informations from the net.

i am looking forward as to how to connect these modules.

one more thing is i want to send sms to a particular number but only after it get a call from a particular number.

how can this be done
pls help

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