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buy DSO Oscilloscope

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I need to buy a oscilloscope which can store serveral diferent waveforms.
The oscilloscope is going to be conected to a signal generator and the user has to be able to store signals when he sees something extrange, next the stored signals will be download to a PC to be study.
Like "making photos" of the waves.
I've found several DSO oscilloscopes that can store only 2 waveforms.
Does anyone know any oscilloscope capable of storing several waveforms?

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I don't know about storage of signals but the best DSO I have used is Tektronics TDS1000. It has many many features. Try looking at it deatils on website.


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Computer - based 'scope?

Depending on frequency being measured...
How about a 'scope based on a PC, the storage is just a screen-grab and would be limited by hard drive size.

Velleman sell a kit for UK 90 pounds
Pico sell several redy-made from UK£80 to UK£800 (a thousand US dollars?)


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PC based scopes are economical and comparable to table-top DSOs but one thing I have noticed that the software for that eats up all the system resources leaving hardly anything for the system to process mouse moves and button clicks etc. Even this is the case with commercially available PC-Scopes. So if you have a fast computer with lot of RAM then you can go for this option. One good and cheap (as compared to others) PC-scope can be found at www.bitscope.com It is available in fully assembled and tested form or kit form.


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check out the Tektronix TDS 2000 series. It was actually cheeper than the 1000 series and it's color! You can get a modual that will pump wave forms to the hard drive of your pc. The modual is not cheep , but I thought the scope was reasonable in price. (The scope will store several wave forms without the modual) My advice would also be that you buy a scope get the best one you can aford.

A cool feature of this scope is that it is ease to trap or capture unuassual wave forms. (your operator need not stare at the screen waiting for something to happen.

What ever you are doing have fun with it!

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