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Application to measure frequency ?


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Is there an application for an Android phone you may suggest that can tell by sound the frequency Hz (cycles per second) of a noise ? Would like to find the RPS (Hertz) or RPM (multiplying by 60) of an air compressor.
Seen several applications listed but none convincing; seem more automotive oriented, with selection of 4,6,8 cylinders, 2, 4 strokes...


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There are many "guitar tuner" type apps, that will display the frequency of a tone.
The limitation may be the low frequency response of the phone mic..


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This one for Android is decent.

Screenshot_20201203-015216_Google Play Store.jpg

Keep in mind with machinery vibration (and therefore airborne noise) that there will be tones at more than shaft rate (rotation rate).

Some examples:

0.4–0.5× excessive clearance in sleeve bearings
1× balance and/or alignment
2× alignment

Non‐integer peaks between ~1× – ~10× rolling element bearing deterioration

Forcing frequencies – number of elements such as:

Fan blades
Pump impeller blades
Motor rotor bars
Gear teeth

× rotation speed

Reciprocating machines with have many strong harmonics of shaft rate.

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