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Alberta- Bill 44

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Google this for more info.

Obviously (at least if you know me) I am against this. The right to your beliefs does not mean the right to be ignorant or intolerant of others. You also shouldn't be afraid of defending them. And if you choose to reject something, you should do so being fully informed rather than soley from misconceptions taught by someone else who has already rejected that something.

But in the papers, etc, I can reading articles that support my position that referring to articles that do not, but I never seem to see those articles. Obviously, the mentioned articles are of the intolerant kind that others would be embarrassed to be associated with. But there are usually somewhat valid arguments from both sides. I just can't seem to find them...

So if someone could post their pro-44 opinion or where I could read some, that'd be nice.

EDIT: Well...I've found some pro-editorials. But they are all scary and disturbing. I need some valid ones to mull over.
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I would seriously approve the premeditated murder of any human being that thought they had a right to educate my child without my consent.

I have influence to my step-son directly, we talk we hang, out every now and then he gets grounded.

Mind you being a step parent I'm in the legal limbo of '**** you' in every respect in the states here as a complete stranger has more 'rights' than a step parent does in many cases due to legal precedent of bad step parents. Luckily the kid likes me and I like him.
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