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6-DOF Robot arm with HDrive servo motors

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Hi :)

I would like to present here my 6 DOF robot arm driven by servo drives out of my running Kickstarter: http://kck.st/2gal6IG
Let's start with the Robot Video:

The robot is mainly made out of laser cut parts (steel and wood). The last axis two are made in a 3D-Printer (ABS). As gears I used time belts to keep the back lash and the costs at a minimum.

Torque: The second and third axis bring about 20Nm the first around 5Nm the last three about 5Nm. This is mandatory to accelerate the axis. The payload is around 500g.

You can also draw with it:

The control is running on a windows PC and is written in C#! The inverse as well as the forward kinematic is calculated every millisecond. The resulting motor target positions are sent to the drives in the same speed. To get a smooth Cartesian movement I programmed a cartesian path planer which allows to accelerate and decelerate in the cartesian coordinate system.

What do you think about the robot or the drives?



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Welcome to ETO, Chris!

Very nice. Good luck with the kickstarter fund raising.

You, apparently, have a workshop I'd kill for... :woot:...


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Nice job, and welcome to ETO.
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