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  1. D

    16 Servo Board

    Hi. I have the WT servo 16 board from WitMotion. I would like to know if there is another application for android in addition to the one offered by the motherboard manufacturer. Also I would like to know how to connect the HC-06 bluetooth module on the WT servo 16 board. Link WT servo 16...
  2. H

    YASKAWA V1000 fuses

    Hello, I'm new to the VFD World, so in a project we are working on, we have 11 VFDs two of them are big (CIMR-V4A0031) and (ga70c4038bba). In the Manuals, they precise a protection of two types of fuses, either A6T70 or FWH-125B for the first one and FWH-200B for the second Drive. So my...
  3. SEPEHR100

    Invisible laser radiation in DVD drives?

    Recently, I opened up a DVD writer drive for curiosity to see its insides and mechanisms. While the drive casing was open, I plugged SATA power and signal cables to it to see it in action (opening and closing the tray while the laser/lens unit is trying to check if a valid disk is inserted or...
  4. Chris_hdrive

    6-DOF Robot arm with HDrive servo motors

    Hi :) I would like to present here my 6 DOF robot arm driven by servo drives out of my running Kickstarter: http://kck.st/2gal6IG Let's start with the Robot Video: The robot is mainly made out of laser cut parts (steel and wood). The last axis two are made in a 3D-Printer (ABS). As gears I...

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