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  1. S

    my "precision" current measurement project design review/ check

    hello! I was wondering if anyone could take a look at my circuit for my second version of my "precision" current sensor, specifically the analog section. (TL/DR Last Paragraph). my first version, discussed Here, was a overall failure, although I did learn quite Abit from that so it wasn't a...
  2. P

    Unable to Turn on Pins of STM32F446RE

    HI, I have written the below code for my STM32F446RE Nucleo board. All I am trying to do is turn on Pin PA3, Pin PA2 and onboard LED Pin PA5. The code compiled and flashed successfully. But no success in turning on LED pins except onboard LED Pin PA5. I don't know why Pin PA3 and Pin PA2 is...
  3. M

    Problem using UART0 in TM4C123 Tiva C Launch Pad

    I'm trying to interface UART0 with the my laptop using the ICDI the code I used is from Mazidi's book : #include <stdint.h> #include "tm4c123gh6pm.h" void UART0Tx(char c); void delayMs(int n); int main(void) { SYSCTL->RCGCUART |= 1; /* provide clock to UART0 */ SYSCTL->RCGCGPIO |= 1; /*...
  4. J

    Problem trying to send several bytes using I2C, TM4C123 biard

    Hi all, I am asking for your help because I am trying to send several bytes using the I2C protocol in a program wich makes use of 2 I2C modules, and looks that it gets stuck after sending the first byte when checking the BUSY bit in I2CMCS. The board I am programming is the TM4C123GH6PM. Here...
  5. A

    OLed Interfacing with Kinetis K26 microcontroller

    Hi Everyone, Please help me to get the code of OLED (sh1106) interfacing with NXP series microcontroller(MK26FN2M0VLQ18)
  6. H

    Generate the Delay using Timer0 interrupt with Lpc2148

    Hi,All i'm using lpc2148 ;I have generate different hard core delay (as per needed) in my code,but sometimes my code is stucking into hard core delay.So i want to generate delay using timer0 interrupt like i needed millisecond and second and microsecond.So please anyone suggest me...
  7. S

    Programming a STM32F103C8T6 (blue pill) dev. board

    Hi guys, I have bought a blue pill board (an STMF103C8T6) development board and tried programming it. I am using the FTDI chip (board) to transfer code from Arduino IDE (on a Mac) to this board. But I am unable to send code to it. I accidentally connected a micro-usb cable to power given on...
  8. tom xiao

    A kind of SWD & JTAG Isolater

    Hi, I designed a kind of SWD & JTAG Isolater for Jlink & STLINK, for online debugging. This may keep person and PC USB port from PCB board burning. Can be used in Motor Control, Digital Power and some high-voltage applications. IDE: Keil, IAR, Jflash, STM32 ST-LINK Utility; SWD: 2MHz; JTAG: 6MHz;
  9. Chris_hdrive

    6-DOF Robot arm with HDrive servo motors

    Hi :) I would like to present here my 6 DOF robot arm driven by servo drives out of my running Kickstarter: http://kck.st/2gal6IG Let's start with the Robot Video: The robot is mainly made out of laser cut parts (steel and wood). The last axis two are made in a 3D-Printer (ABS). As gears I...
  10. Wond3rboy

    My first ARM-STM32F4 discovery

    Hello I am sooo excited!! I have recently purchased my first ARM board. It is the STM32F4 discovery kit with the STM32F407 chip. I have downloaded Keil for development purposes. I wanted to know if there is any simulator for this (Proteus like). I have Proteus 8.0 in my university but I...
  11. A

    STM32 GPIO Codes

    Can someone please share a code where there are four switches and three LEDs to light up each one using GPIO codes
  12. Alperen

    Development Board Suggestion

    Hi there, We will make a smart home project as graduation thesis which i shared the youtube link below. So my question is do you recommend me any development board for this project? As you can see it should support HC-05 bluetooth module, UART input. Thank You

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