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470 uf 400v capacitor

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What would be a bad uf reading for a 470 uf Electric capacitor
What would be a bad ESR reading for this 470 uf 400v capacitor.
I have 6 capacitors to test


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"Bad", in my view, would be anything significantly outside the manufacturer's specification for that particular cap. The parametric search functions on major distributors web-sites will give you a flavour of 'typical' tolerances and ESR values.

Nigel Goodwin

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I wouldn't get too bothered about ESR readings, they are universally high for high voltage electrolytics even when new - they also aren't the type of capacitors that particularly fail in that way.


The ohm reading on my esr meter is .18 to .20 across 6 capacitors .
Is this good or bad .
I baught this welder hoping to find the fault.
They are out of my inverter welder.
As there is no power at the welding rod when trying to weld .
The welder is new and has not been used .
Has been sitting in a garage for 8 years.
The Amp and voltage meters work
The wirer feed workes
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