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Wiring a 1954 1-1/2 HP GE BKCS204XB10P Tri-Clad Capacitor Electric Motor

Umbagog Marine

New Member
I recently bought an air compressor with this motor driving the compressor.
Of course I didn't take the time to open the breaker box to see how the wiring
was attached to the breaker. This motor has an internal centrifugal switch.
There were three wires attached to the terminals in the picture shown.
Blk wire on lowest terminal, Wht wire on the middle one.
A RED wire was attached to the top terminal. I have tested the capacitors and
they test OK. I want to run the motor on 220v when I hook the blk & wht and
do not hook any wire to the upper terminal the motor runs but does not appear
to kick into the run mode. If I use the top terminal as a ground it creates a dead short.
All the wires in the motor are the same color with no number markings. Is there any



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Can you show the motor identification plate? It sounds like it may be a three phase motor and if it is it won't run on single phase.


Well-Known Member
Although sounds to me like it is a 1ph motor induction motor with cent. sw and start/rn Cap?
What is the resistance between all terminal points.?

Umbagog Marine

New Member
Thank you for the responses. I can show you the ID plate which clearly states single phase 110 / 230 v
I will test the resistance between the three terminals and post it. Thank you both for your thoughts and ideas.
Your help is much appreciated.

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