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Second sources for Y2 rated ceramic chip capacitors


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I usually use Digikey to search for the first part, then in the product page I use the checkboxes in the "Product Attributes" panel to select the critical specs. In your case I checked the following boxes:
  • Part Status: Active - Make sure we're not looking at obsolete parts
  • Capacitance: 330pF
  • Ratings: X1, Y2
  • Package / Case: 1808 (4520 Metric)
I then hit the "Search" button at the bottom and that brought up some parts from Murata: GA342DR7GF331KW02L. It also turned up a part from Johanson Dielectrics: 502R29W331KV3E-****-SC. This one is non-stock at Digikey, but if you put the part number into Octopart.com you'll see that Mouser has plenty of them.

If you're going to work in the electronics design industry you should definitely learn how to use these tools. They are absolutely indispensable.


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Also you should watch this video. It's mostly focused on microcontrollers but the concepts remain the same regardless of what you're searching for.


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