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What part is 470P K?

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"C" is usually used to indicate a capacitor. "P" stands for picofarad (pF). It is often lower case. "K" is a tolerance. In this case +/-10%.

Please post a snippet from the whole schematic in the future to make is easier to fine the part.

Here's a reference: http://www.vishay.com/docs/23140/geninfo.pdf
Sorry about that, I didn't think of it, but I'll do it in the future.

So I should look for a SMD component that has those specifications and approximately the physical dimensions that I listed? I'm just asking in case there is a way to simply map "470P K" to a specific part.


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Coming late here but maybe could it be 47pF with the "0" being "0 power of ten" factor?


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It is not a label on a part. It is from a schematic and that interpretation would be inconsistent with the style used for other component values on the schematic, including capacitors.

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